Cookie Policy

1 Introduction

1.1       This Cookie Statement (“Statement”) is used by Chint Solar Nederland Projecten B.V. (“Chint Solar”), with its registered office in Amsterdam and its principal place of business in (1014 AK) Amsterdam at Transformatorweg 38, registered in the Commercial Register of the Chamber of Commerce under registration number 70512957. Chint Solar can be reached via

1.2       This Statement is intended to explain why and how data that identify or could identify natural persons (“Personal Data“) are processed by Chint Solar with the aid of cookies and similar technologies, as will be defined further below. This Statement applies to the Processing of Personal Data by means of these cookies on its website located at (“the Website”).

1.3       We refer to our Privacy Statement for information regarding the Processing of Personal Data via the Website that does not take place by means of Cookies. That statement can be read on this page.

2 Cookies 

2.1       Cookies are small data packages that are sent to your browser and stored on the device you use to visit various locations on the internet. Chint Solar uses such cookies to ensure that the Website can be used as intended by Chint Solar. The cookies that are used ensure for example that you are able to use the contact form we have placed on the Website or to choose whether you would like to view the Website in the Dutch or English language for example.

3 Purposes

3.1       Cookies are used by Chint Solar on the Website for the purpose of:

3.1.1    Enabling an optimal Website;

3.1.2    Development and improvement of the Website;

3.1.3    Storing preferences such as language, location, etc.;

3.1.4    Making it possible to contact Chint Solar via the

3.1.5    Analysing the use of the Website;

3.1.6    Creating statistics concerning the use of the Website.

4 Which cookies are used

4.1       An overview of the cookies that are placed, what they do and for how long they work has been included below.

Cookies that ensure that the Website operates properly

4.2       These cookies are used to ensure that the Website operates properly. For example, cookies are placed that make sure that the language you have selected is remembered while you continue surfing the Website.

4.3       Chint Solar uses the cookies set out below to:

4.3.1    Communicate with Chint Solar via the contact form;

4.3.2    Remember the language you have selected.

Placed by Name of the cookie What the cookie does How long
Chint Solar Contact form Collecting and forwarding contact details (name, e-mail address) at the request of the party who enters the information for the purpose of an information request. For the duration of the contact with the person who completes the form.

5 Other cookies

5.1       It could be the case that Chint Solar does not always have insight into the cookies that are placed by third parties via the Website. One example is the use of what are known as embedded elements on the Website. This includes texts, images or movies that are not stored by Chint Solar or on the Website, but which are displayed via the Website. Please inform us if you encounter cookies on the Website that come into this category and that we have not yet mentioned above.

6 Browser settings

6.1       If you do not agree to the placement of cookies on your computer, you can adjust the settings of your browser in such a manner that you receive a warning before cookies are placed. You can adjust these settings in such a manner that the browser refuses all cookies or merely the cookies placed by third parties. It is also possible to remove all cookies that have been placed. Note: you have to adjust the settings separately for each browser and device you use.

6.2       It is important that you are aware that we can no longer guarantee that the Website functions optimally if you do not allow cookies. It may be the case that some functionalities are lost or that part of the Website is no longer visible. Refusing cookies does not mean that you will no longer see advertisements, it merely means that you will no longer see personalised advertisements.

6.3       You can find more information about your browser setting by using your browser’s help function.

6.4       Hyperlinks to pages concerning cookies for the browsers that are used most frequently have been included below.

6.4.1 Mozilla Firefox

6.4.2 Google Chrome

6.4.3 Internet Explorer

6.4.4 Safari

6.5       If you would like to switch off cookies from specific parties, you can do so via Your Online Choices.

7 Consent

7.1       When you first visited the Website, you consented to the cookies Chint Solar uses via the Website. If you would like to withdraw your consent, you will have to remove the cookies that have been placed via your browser settings and cease the use of the Website.

8 Changes

8.1       This Statement will be adjusted on a regular basis, because the Website or the rules concerning cookies are subject to change. Chint Solar reserves the right to change this Statement in advance and without warning. The most recent version of the Cookie Statement will always be posted on this page.

9 Questions

9.1       More information on how Chint Solar handles your personal data can be found in our Privacy Statement. If you have any questions, you can contact Chint Solar by using the contact details set out above.