For Landowners

For landowners

A lot of work needs to be done to achieve the sustainable energy targets; by everyone. In 2050, all energy must be sustainable and fossil fuel no longer exists. That is why we are very pleased with you as a landowner who is investigating whether solar energy is an option.

Let’s meet each other, because we like to think along with you!

Developing a solar park is often quite complex. Thanks to our years of experience with projects all over the world, we know very well when a location is suitable. A lot of factors are of influence; from the ground up to the proximity to electricity cables and – of course – the surrounding landscape and the neighbours.

Feel free to contact us. Completely free of obligation, we come to you to see what the possibilities are, both technically and of course financially. We will give you insight into the procedures and steps to be taken in the follow-up process. In this way you know quickly and clearly what it will bring you and what we can do for you.

No problem for us. This type of land is often not profitable to use in an agricultural enterprise. But for us it is fine. A solar park is certainly the solution!

A solar park can very well be combined with other uses; from grazing by sheep to flowery grasses, beehives, etc. So biodiversity is often even boosted by the solar park.

For the landscaping, we like to use the local expertise and wishes of local residents. We adapt the design so that it fits the environment and the view.

We look for locations where a landscaping of the solar park is possible. Of course, we take into account the requirements of any municipal or provincial policy. But most important is your role of the landowner. For you, it must fit in with your company's strategy or personal circumstances to allow a solar park on their land for a period of 25 years. The landowner has a longer relationship with the land, particularly with agricultural companies, so it can be a very attractive option.

That depends on the plot. If it is a piece of land with a low yield, the park may yield more than expected. And not just financially. This way it can be combined well with other functions, such as nature or recreation.

And yes, if the world changes, land use also changes. That has been like that for centuries and takes some getting used to. But fortunately we do not burn peat anymore. And we really want to get rid of the fossil fuel. Not only in the Netherlands with the gas, but also in devastating coal mines around the world.

We enjoy working together on local projects. Read more about our working method in the development of projects. This way everybody benefits from the step towards sustainable energy!

Please contact us to see what fits your personal situation