First pile rammed: construction of Solar park Buinerhorn and Solar park Drouwenerzon started

General - 13-04-2022

We have started the construction of Solar park Buinerhorn and Solar park Drouwenerzon in the municipality of Borger-Odoorn in the Netherlands. Together with local developer Roelof Jan Wollerich we symbolically rammed the first pile.

Solar park Buinerhorn will be built between the N374 and Nieuw-Buinen. More than 14,000 solar panels will be installed on the 5.6 hectare site, providing green energy to more than 2,500 households annually. The solar park has an installed capacity of 7.86 megawatt peak (MWp).

Solar park Drouwenerzon will be realized on a 5 hectare site, to the south of Drouwenermond. The more than 12,000 solar panels, with an installed capacity of 6.67 MWp, will be able to provide approximately 2,100 households with renewable energy annually.

Local initiative

The plans for both solar projects were initiated by local entrepreneurs Roelof Jan and Jan Willem Wollerich of Mts. Wollerich and developed as a sustainable branch of the arable farm. The projects will be further realized in cooperation with project developer Chint Solar. The construction is expected to be completed in the summer, after which the solar parks will be connected to the grid. Both solar farms are owned by Blue Elephant Energy AG, the largest solar park operator in the Netherlands.

Natural integration

The solar parks take into account sightlines from the nearby villages. A surrounding windbreak will mask the fence and the panels. The land under the panels will be sown with a mixture of grass enriched with flowers. The dense structure of the planting will provide nesting opportunities and shelter for birds. Maintenance will include grazing with sheep.

Working together on an energized future

Roelof Jan Wollerich of Mts. Wollerich: “I am very pleased that we have started building both solar parks after a long period of careful preparation. With Chint Solar we have found a partner with its own network to realize the projects, despite the current grid congestion. It is an important addition to the ongoing sustainability of our company. In addition, part of the revenues will be used to support local initiatives. The community centers in Nieuw-Buinen and Drouwenermond will each receive a cheque for 5,000 euros upon realization of the projects for sustainable spending.”

Mark van Rij, Head of Business Netherlands at Chint Solar: “We are proud to have kicked-off the construction of Solar park Buinerhorn and Solar park Drouwenerzon together with Roelof Jan and Jan Willem. We are working passionately on a future of sustainable energy in the Netherlands and with the development of these solar parks we are taking another important step in the energy transition. In addition, with these projects we are showing that solar energy and the enhancement of nature can go hand in hand.