Green light for solar park Midden-Groningen

14 November 2018

Decision Council of State: Environmental permit irrevocable
The environmental permit for the solar park Midden-Groningen was approved by the Council of State on 14 November. With this ruling from the Administrative Jurisdiction Division, the environmental permit has become irrevocable and the construction can start in the beginning of 2019.

The decision of the Council of State concludes: ‘With the additional statement of 17 July 2018, the Commission has complied with the assignment included in the interim decision to rectify the defect in the decision of 20 September 2017.’ This stipulates that the legal consequences of that decision will be fully maintained and the environmental permit has become irrevocable.

Start construction in mid-2019
‘We are pleased that the Council of State is behind the environmental permit. Now that there is certainty, together with the municipality and all other parties involved we can put the shoulders under the realization phase of this project ‘, says Diederik Apotheker of Chint Solar / Astronergy. ‘The solar park will make a substantial contribution to the energy transition in Groningen, but also in the Netherlands. In collaboration with landscape designers and experts from the Werkgroep Grauwe Kiekendief, we have created a landscape design that matches the wishes of the local residents as much as possible. This design also ensures a strengthening effect of the solar park on local nature.

Chint Solar / Astronergy wants to start construction of the solar park in early 2019. The grid connection for the solar park is planned for the end of 2019.

About Midden-Groningen solar park
Zonnepark Midden-Groningen will be one of the largest solar parks in the Netherlands. The solar panels with a combined capacity of 103 megawatt peak (MWp) can supply more than 32,000 households with electricity every year. Powerfield started with the first plans to develop a solar park at this location. Since last year, Chint Solar NL has taken over the site and is now investing in the development and construction of the solar park.