Information evening Midden-Groningen

07 February 2018

A lot of interest on the information evening regarding landscape and nature around the Solar Park Midden-Groningen

Solar Park Midden-Groningen is set to be build next year. The most important step now is a good landscaping integration of the solar park; so plants, flowers, bushes and animals can get a place. Here, the wishes and ideas of the neighbours are of great importance and are used in the design. Particular focus is put on the area between the solar park and the adjacent residential homes. The design for the integration on the south side of the park is not yet fixed. During the evening on February 6th with more than 70 people present, we worked all together on the design.

Working together

The design will be made by a landscape architect, whose plan will be approved by the municipality as part of the permit. The wishes and ideas of those living at home will be determined during the preparation of the plan. On the information evening the local community exchanged ideas and wishes with the landscape and nature experts. Many ideas and wishes passed by; worries about the deer population to wishes for a dog park, a pond and rows of trees. Some residents had even prepared an outline with a planting plan. A small part of the residents still is not happy that their views will change, but most were willing to think how this new view takes shape. Approximately 40 response forms have been submitted.

Continuation of the procedure

The designs and advice are still online. The landscape designers are now working to bring all ideas together in a total design. A challenging puzzle to connect as many wishes as possible to each other. People who have submitted a response form have a personal response. The final design will be online in mid-March.

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