Open day Zonnepark Midden-Groningen successful

19 June 2019

On Saturday 15 of June the building site of Zonnepark Midden-Groningen was open for public. The rainy weather was no reason for the people of Groningen to stay at home. At least 185 interested visitors came to take a look at the largest solar park in the Netherlands under construction. On the site, they were given a tour along the solar panels and could take a look at the machines which are needed for the construction of the solar park. While enjoying a cup of coffee and a piece of cake, the visitors were able to talk to employees about the solar park.

Project developer Chint Solar looks back with satisfaction. “We have received positive reactions from many visitors,” says Diederik Apotheker, Manager Business Development Netherlands. “As a builder of solar parks you change something in the landscape and therefore you have to develop a solid plan. It was good to hear that many of the visitors are in favor of solar parks.”

There were also children among the visitors. These were mainly students who take technical subjects. They were very interested in the construction of the solar park. Apotheker: “It was very nice to have a conversation with these children. They have the future. ”

Contractor Alsema BV from Zuidlaren was also present. They had brought materials to give visitors an impression of the construction of a 110 kV cable connection that is needed to connect the solar park to the electricity grid. On the construction site they had made a cable-pulling arrangement, complete with reel truck with reel, cable-pulling machines and a cable-pull winch. There was also a mounting container to give an impression of making a connection in a high-voltage cable. Visitors were amazed by these large machines.