Progress construction Solar Park Midden-Groningen: first quarter 2019

02 April 2019

At the end of January we started with the construction of Zonnepark Midden-Groningen. A lot of work has been done since then. In this article you can read about the work we have done in the past quarter and what we will do next month.

Construction site and placing the first pile
We have placed a fence around the site and we have made work buildings for contractors on the construction site. The ground on which the racks of the solar panels will be placed is leveled. On 13 February alderman Jaap Borg and deputy Nienke Homan hammered the first foundation pile [link2] into the ground. We drive the rest of the foundation piles with a machine.

A third of foundation piles driven
With two machines we will drive a total of more than 85.000 foundation piles into the ground until the end of July. The machines can each drive around 400 to 600 piles per day. That means that we can install an average of 1.000 piles per day. The past weeks around 25.000 piles have gone into the ground. After anchoring the foundation piles, we place the racks for the solar panels. We will install the first solar panels from mid-April.

Construction site traffic signs posted
Until the summer, trucks drive to the construction site every day to deliver foundation piles. To ensure that construction traffic runs along the correct route, we placed traffic signs on Laveiweg, Siepweg, Langewijk and Lodijck in February. These traffic signs and other measures must ensure that construction traffic does not pass through residential streets.

Substation under construction
A substation will be installed at ‘rioolwaterzuiveringsinstallatie’ by the Rijksweg Oost. When the solar park is ready, a connection to the TenneT substation in Kropswolde will be made via this substation. At the end of March we started the construction of the substation. We have laid the foundation for this.

In April we will continue to place the foundation piles and racks. We sow grass between the racks so no weeds will be growing at the Solar Park. We will also continue with the construction of the substation. We will install the solar panels from mid-April.

You want to know more?
If you want to know more about the progress of the work, you can contact Hans Nillesen, project director of Zonnepark Midden Groningen. Hans Nillesen supervises the construction. You can reach him via