Province gives initiators solar field Quadenoord extra homework

Uncategorized - 29-11-2019

The province of Gelderland does not yet intend to grant the permit based on the Nature Conservation Act (Wnb) for the construction of a solarfield at Landgoed Quadenoord. On Friday, November 29, 2019, the province published a draft decision indicating this. The province wants the initiators to better substantiate two subjects: the nitrogen deposition must be reviewed as a result of the national discussion and the influence on the habitat of the animal species in the area – also outside the intended plan area. The initiators will submit an opinion in which they will discuss these topics. As a result, the permit application for the Wnb may be delayed. The application for the environmental permit for building the solar fields is still in progress at the municipality.  Landgoed Quadenoord is working together with the ValleiEnergie cooperative and with Chint Solar. The municipality of Renkum also supports the project.

Marco Kemper, Coöperatie ValleiEnergie: “It is good that the province is looking at the nature permit with a keen eye. We are convinced that a solar field at this location can be a special boost for the quality of the estate; both for nature (enhancing biodiversity) and for historical monuments. At the same time, the sun field offers us the opportunity to let everyone – with or without their own resources – participate, participation for every resident of the municipality of Renkum. People who are interested in participating in this can already report to us.

Diederik Apotheker, Chint Solar: “Of course you prefer to go through a permit application flawlessly, but that is not always possible. And that’s okay. Certainly with a unique project like this, it is not unusual to have to explain more. We take into account the points of attention indicated by the province. And in our opinion we have the opportunity to better substantiate this. “

About the initiators

Chint Solar has a lot of experience and knowledge of developing and building solar fields. Through the ValleiEnergie Cooperative, everyone from the area can participate in this sustainable energy project and become co-owner of the solar park. Together with Wageningen University, we are working hard to increase the biodiversity on the plots.

About the plans of the Estate

Landgoed Quadenoord is on the eve of a major renovation. Due to years of financial shortage, maintenance is overdue and monumental hotspots are in danger of disappearing forever. The estate doesn’t want that to happen. The cultural and historical heart of the estate needs a major boost. For example, the wish is to renovate and rebuild the watermill with its original farm, to thoroughly renovate the country house and to catch up with forest management. The estate has therefore decided to have two agricultural plots arranged as a solar field and to use the income for the renovation.

About the participation of local residents

Cooperative ValleiEnergie is committed to generating green electricity locally that will benefit everyone. The local cooperative supports citizens and companies with energy saving and the energy transition. To this end, it offers advice on energy saving and the cooperative develops sustainable energy projects without a profit motive. And of course anyone who wants to can participate in the development of projects. The pre-registration for participation has now been opened, see