Solar parc enables renovation Landgoed Quadenoord

16 July 2019

Landgoed Quadenoord is on the eve of a major renovation. Due to years of financial shortage, maintenance is overdue and monumental hotspots are in danger of disappearing forever. The estate doesn’t want that to happen. The cultural and historical heart of the estate needs a boost. For example, the wish is to renovate and rebuild the watermill with its original farm, to thoroughly renovate the country house and to catch up with forest management. The estate has therefore decided to have two agricultural plots arranged as a solar parc and to use the income for the renovation.

This project is temporary; after 30 years the plots will return to the estate in agricultural use. The plots were carefully selected and kept as small as possible. Specifically, it concerns two plots of a total of 15.7 hectares. The permit application for the project has been submitted to the municipality of Renkum. For this project Landgoed Quadenoord cooperates with the Coöperatie ValleiEnergie and with Chint Solar. Chint Solar has a lot of experience and knowledge of developing and building solar parcs. Everyone from the neighbourhood can participate in this sustainable energy project via the Coöperatie ValleiEnergie. If the permit is available for inspection, the preparation process will follow. The aim is to start the construction of the solar parc in the course of 2020 so that it can supply sustainable energy by the end of 2020.

The intention is that Coöperatie ValleiEnergie and its members become the owners of the solar park and thereby also take care of the exploitation. The aim of the cooperative is that every citizen in the municipality of Renkum has the opportunity to become co-owner of the solar parc. There will be a possibility for zip code that allows participants to take advantage of their participation through energy tax. In consultation with the municipality and local foundations, the initiators want to see if additional sustainability projects can be supported.

Biodiversity management plan
Together with researchers from Wageningen University, the initiators are developing a management plan so that as much biodiversity as possible can develop on the solar parc. Because the plots are no longer used for agriculture, they also offer space for certain flora and fauna. However, this has been investigated very little; that is why Wageningen University is conducting research and the estate and its partners in this project are happy to participate. The starting point of the design is to improve the ecological value and the biodiversity and knowledge development; also for other solar projects in the Netherlands.

Coöperatie ValleiEnergie is committed to generating green electricity locally that will benefit everyone. The local cooperative supports citizens and companies with energy saving and the energy transition. To this end, it offers advice on energy saving and the cooperative develops sustainable energy projects without a profit motive. And of course anyone who wants to can participate in the development of projects. In this way, the cooperative supplies local green energy and we create local employment opportunities in collaboration with partners throughout the Veluwe region. For more information see and on the website of

Joint press release from Landgoed Quadenoord, Chint Solar and Coöperatie ValleiEnergie