Solar park Midden-Groningen almost finished

Uncategorized - 19-09-2019

Solar Park Midden-Groningen near Sapper is almost finished. There will be a total of 316.216 solar panels. The solar park will be officially opened in November. The solar park supplies at least 32,000 households with electricity and becomes the largest in the Netherlands.

Placing fence and green area
Around the area of the solar park (117 ha) we build the fence. About two third of the fence is already been installed. Between the solar park and the houses there will be3 a green area. Coming weeks we sow the seeds for the grass and flowers. At the beginning of November we start planting the other plants.

Substation also largely completed
The substation of the solar park is almost ready. In the substation all the electricity that is generated comes together before it is connected to the electricity grid.