Start construction Solar Park Midden-Groningen

18 January 2019

On 21 January, the construction of the Solar Park Midden-Groningen will start. The planned construction period runs from the end of January to October. The first step is to build the fence and the work buildings. That takes about a week. Starting from February, the racks are installed. We finally place the panels on these racks. To secure them firmly, the piles of the racks are anchored in the ground. If all goes well, this results in minimal noise nuisance because it is only small piles that are driven into the ground a meter. According to the planning, the installation of the piles will be completed by the end of July 2019. In October the solar park will be operational.

Supply and disposal materials

Trucks must deliver and deliver the materials. There is daily freight traffic until the summer; it will be less from June. Construction work takes place on weekdays. The builders start early in the morning. No work will be done in the evening or on the weekend unless the progress of the work makes it absolutely necessary.

New contact person

We think it is important that local residents and interested parties are well informed about the progress of the work. Chint Solar has therefore appointed Hans Nillesen as project director. He supervises the construction and you can contact him via