First solar panels installed at Stadskanaal Solar Park – construction Buinerveen Solar Park commenced

29 May 2020

Construction of the 101 MWp Stadskanaal Solar Park near Stadskanaal has started in February 2020, and the first panels have been installed on 4 May 2020. The solar park will be connected to TenneT’s high voltage grid network at Meeden and is scheduled to commence full operations in November 2020. In parallel, Chint has started construction of the Buinerveen Solar Park in May 2020. The 45 MWp Buinerveen Solar Park will connect to Stadskanaal Solar Park and is also scheduled to commence full operations in November 2020.

Chint Solar will install approximately 245.000 solar panels on 83 hectares of land at Stadskanaal and approximately 110.000 solar panels on 40 hectares of land at Buinerveen. The solar park will be officially opened with a festive event early next year. The solar parks will combined supply at least 45.000 households with renewable electricity.

Both solar parks were originated by Powerfield and got acquired by Chint during summer 2019.  Several benefits are being offered for local people – Powerfield and Chint will invest in a local fund for Stadskanaal and at Buinerveen Powerfield has donated funds to the local village hall to increase the structural strength of the roof, sponsored a bridge and the local football club, and started a discount action on solar panels for local people and community organisations.

Oliver Schweininger (Managing Director Chint Solar Europe): “Along with the Midden-Groningen Solar Park (103 MWp), also developed and constructed in partnership with Powerfield, and now operational, Stadskanaal and Buinerveen are further land mark projects in the Netherlands and will contribute significantly to the energy transition. The combined grid connection is unique and reduces cabling works. We look forward completing these projects in the coming months”

Prior to construction start, Chint has written to people living in close vicinity of the locations informing them of construction start, the likely construction schedule and contact details for any enquiries. At Stadskanaal, construction of the fences, cable-laying and installing the solar panel mounting frames is in full progress, and construction of the on-site substation for grid connection has also commenced. Following completion of the solar park, a biodiversity area will be developed.

At Buinerveen, construction of an earthen bund around the site has been finalized, ensuring that any view on the solar park and construction site is significantly reduced for local people. The location will now be further prepared for construction and delivery of materials will commence in May 2020. Also for Buinerveen, a biodiversity area will be developed post-construction. This area is 2.5 hectares in total.