Update construction Zonnepark Midden-Groningen May 2019

28 May 2019

Four months ago we started the construction of Zonnepark Midden-Groningen. The work is proceeding according to plan and in the meantime we have installed 98% of the foundation piles and 21% of the solar panels.

Foundations piles are almost ready
At the moment we have driven 98% of the foundation piles. That is 83.380 of the 85.085 posts that are needed in total. The pile driving will be largely completed at the end of May. Only at the place of the cabins  and where we are building the substation we will have to drive a number of piles at a later moment.

Twenty percent of solar panels installed
Half April we installed the first solar panels. 21% of the solar panels are now in place. These are 66.400 of the 316.216 solar panels that will be installed in total. We expect to install the last solar panels in September.

Sub-station build
At the level of ‘rioolwaterzuiveringsinstallatie’ on Rijksweg Oost, the substation for the solar park will be installed. The solar park is connected to the electricity grid via this substation. At the end of March we started the construction of the substation.

In this video you can see the construction of the solar park so far.

Open Day 15th of June
Zonnepark Midden Groningen will open its doors on the 15th of June from 10 am to 3 pm during the national Day of Construction. On this day citizens of Midden Groningen can take a look at the construction site and we will  tell themmore about the construction of the solar park.