Ommelanderwijk Solar Park to feature bifacial solar panels

20 July 2020

Chint Solar will commence construction of the 5.9 MWp Ommelanderwijk Solar Park near Veendam in July 2020. In total 14,229 solar panels will be installed, of which 50% are monofacial and 50% bifacial panels. The Astronergy monofacial and bifacial modules will be installed under the same conditions in order to compare the performance of both modules types under similar site and installation conditions.

Powerfield originally developed the Ommelanderwijk project and prepared the land, a previously contaminated industrial site which has now been remediated, for construction. Chint Solar has been involved in the project since late 2017 and finally acquired the project in the second quarter of 2020.  The solar park is projected to be finalized and connected to the Enexis 20 kV network in October 2020.

Bernardo Silvestre (Head of Business Development Chint Solar Europe): “This is another unique project for Chint Solar in the north of The Netherlands. To use this location for the combination between monofacial and bifacial panels under similar circumstances and construction techniques, will give us a valuable insight into the module output performance of both panels types. Operating data will give us an accurate view on the actual extra module output performance from bifacial panels in the Netherlands. We believe that there is a significant additional gain in energy production per unit which will further improve the land usage efficiency for the solar sector. We look forward completing this project in the coming months”

An earthen bund was created by Powerfield in order to dispose the contaminated soil, which is stored within the bund, on-site. Powerfield is currently working on a possible extension to the project.