Zonnepark Services Nederland opens new office in Zuidbroek, Groningen area

Zonnepark Services Nederland, a joint venture by Chint Solar and GOLDBECK SOLAR that focuses exclusively on operations and maintenance services for commercial and utility scale solar projects, opened a new office in Zuidbroek in the Groningen area as of 27 September 2021. Opening a location close to a large number of solar parks under management will enable the company to serve its customers with solar assets in the Northern area of The Netherlands faster and better.

In central and east Groningen, a large number of new solar projects have been connected to the grid in recent years. Opening a branch in Zuidbroek in addition to the existing office in Nijmegen, is a logical next step says Richard Liebers, Operations and Maintenance manager of Zonnepark Services Nederland: “With this new office Zonnepark Services Nederland creates a base from which it can intervene very quickly in the event of unexpected failures in the solar parks under management. Especially in the case of central inverters and transformers, it is of key importance to be on site quickly with the right tools, qualified personnel and spare parts.”

Local character

Eelco Hoogduin, who joined Zonnepark Services Nederland as a Director in June 2021, explains: “Within our strategy it is important to have the maintenance of our solar parks carried out as much as possible by our own, local employees, who understand the culture and the way of working of our local partners. In this way, the local economy benefits from the growth of the solar sector. With this new office we also create a base in which we will regularly train our technicians in close collaboration with our partners.’’


Sustainability has been one of the most important selection criteria when looking for a new office location. The office building is equipped with a solar system, LED lighting and a heat pump system. It is expected that the net energy consumption of the building will be zero which makes it a carbon neutral work place.

The location of the new office location is in the epicenter of many large solar parks in the Netherlands. This will limit the number of transport movements and distances in the operational phase of the solar parks under management, further decreasing the CO2 footprint during the operations.

More information: https://zonnepark-services.nl/en/