Our Method

What is our working method?

As one of the first, in 2006 we set off on the path to sustainable energy. We have now built more than 3.6 GWp of projects worldwide. We continue to innovate. Because it is the only way to a sustainable future. Location development, design and engineering, technical planning, financing and execution; we bring it together in one total package thanks to our very experienced team. We manufacture solar panels ourselves; so they are always up to date. Developing a solar park is a complex challenge in which many areas of expertise come together. Read below how we do it.

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It all starts with a suitable location. We look for it ourselves, but we also cooperate with brokers and representatives. We search for locations where landscaping of the solar park is possible. If the province and municipality have policy on solar parks, this is of course always a good starting point. The landowner plays a crucial role. For him or her, the solar park must fit in with the company’s strategy or personal circumstances.

A solar park is always temporary, but at least for a period of 25 years. Temporary use with as many dual functions as possible in grazing and ecological management is an important key factor for us to develop a sustainable solar park. This way, the landscape continues to adapt to the changes in society. Our location choices are therefore a combination of a landowner who is open for development of solar, fitting into the landscape and proximity to electrical infrastructure. Do you want to know more about the requirements for a location? Read more about the information for landowners.