Project status


Festive opening of Solar Park Andijk


Today, the new solar park in Andijk will be opened by Alderman Nederpelt of the municipality of Medemblik. The park has a capacity of 15 MW and supplies enough renewable energy for 4,622 households, roughly one quarter of all the Medemblik households. In 2017, Chint Solar started the realisation of a solar park with high-efficiency solar panels on a plot of land that was originally allocated as an industrial estate.

First solar panel Andijk solar parc placed


Alderman Nederpelt of the municipality of Medemblik has placed the first panel in the Andijk solar park. This summer, a solar park will be built near the business park Andijk Zuid. Chint Solar / Astronergy is the developer of this solar park of approximately 11 hectares, the project has been developed in close collaboration with the VOF Andijk Zuid and the municipality of Medemblik.

Chint/ Astronergy invests in an 15 MW solar park in Noord-Holland Noord


Chint Solar/Astronergy and VOF Andijk Zuid have signed an agreement for the sale of 11 hectares of land on Business Park Andijk Zuid in Medemblik. Chint Solar/Astronergy recently received an SDE + subsidy from RVO for the development of a solar park with a capacity of 15 megawatts. In 2017, the municipality of Medemblik approved the construction of a solar park on the existing business park Andijk Zuid. The construction starts in June 2018. 

Zonnepark Andijk

Chint Solar / Astronergy is developing the 11 hectare solar park close by the existing business park Andijk Zuid. We work in close cooperation with the VOF Andijk Zuid. In 2017, the municipality of Medemblik approved the realization of a solar park close by the existing business park Andijk Zuid. Construction will start in June 2018. Chint Solar/ Astronergy will use the most modern panels available at that moment (340 Wp PERC technology). Goldbeck Solar is responsible for the construction of the solar park, which was connected to the grid in September 2018. The official opening took place on 7th november 2018.

The solar park will be well fitted into the landscape. This can be done by joining in with orchard to the west of the Dijkgraaf Grootweg. This has been elaborated in detail in the landscape design and in accordance with the wishes of the welfare committee. Around the solar park an alder girth all be planted up to three meters high. This girth minimizes the visibility of the panels, inverters and parking facilities.

Project Specifications

15 MWp
11,6 ha