Project status


Chint Solar/Astronergy developed an 11 hectare solar park close to the existing Andijk Zuid industrial estate. We worked in close cooperation with the VOF Andijk Zuid. In 2017, the municipality of Medemblik gave approval for the realisation of a solar park close to the existing Andijk Zuid business park. Construction started in the summer of 2018. Chint Solar/ Astronergy used the most modern panels available at that time (340 Wp PERC technology). Goldbeck Solar provided the construction of the park in the summer of 2018. The park was officially opened on 7 November 2018.

The solar park fits well with the landscape. This was done by fitting it in with the orchard to the west of Dijkgraaf Grootweg. This has been worked out in detail in the landscape design and is in accordance with the wishes of the architecture committee. Around the solar park an alder thicket was planted, no more than three metres high. This minimises the visibility of the panels, converters and parking facilities.

Project Specifications

11 hectares
15 MWp