Project status


First solar panels installed at Stadskanaal Solar Park – construction Buinerveen Solar Park commenced


Construction of the 101 MWp Stadskanaal Solar Park near Stadskanaal has started in February 2020, and the first panels have been installed on 4 May 2020. The solar park will be connected to TenneT’s high voltage grid network at Meeden and is scheduled to commence full operations in November 2020. In parallel, Chint has started construction of the Buinerveen Solar Park in May 2020. The 45 MWp Buinerveen Solar Park will connect to Stadskanaal Solar Park and is also scheduled to commence full operations in November 2020.


In May 2020, Chint Solar will start construction of the solar park Buinerveen on the Paardetangendijk in Buinerveen. For the realization of the 45 MWp solar park, Chint Solar will install approximately 109,700 solar panels on 40 hectares of land. Solar park Buinerveen will provide at least 13,900 households with sustainable energy. The construction of solar park Buinerveen will be completed at the end of 2020.

The solar park will be well fitted into the landscape. Several waterways will be removed and around the solar park a ground wall will be build.  This work will be completed soon. Afterwards the area will be leveled and further prepared for the contraction of the panels. Because the ground wall is the first to be completed, the further activities to build the park will hardly be visible. The construction of the solar park will start around mid-May 2020.


Project Specifications

45 MWp
40 ha