Project status



Chint Solar is in consultation with the municipality of Midden Groningen about the development of a solar park at Buitenhuizen. The area in question is 30 hectares and is located west of the existing solar park Midden Groningen, east of sewage treatment and the A7 motorway. The main road with some farms is just over 500 meters away to the north. The solar panels are planned to be connected to the high-voltage grid via the adjacent solar park Midden Groningen.

Residents are people who get a direct view of the solar field. An employee of Chint Solar will visit these people personally to talk with them about the project and actively ask about any wishes. An information evening is due to be organized for local residents (and other stakeholders) and everyone (who wants to) is kept informed of the project’s progress by means of a recurring newsletter and a website that is yet to be set up.

The landscape integration takes into account all animals and plants present. Enclosing trees and shrubs contributes to improving biodiversity. A way to improve the living environment of various animals and to expand it is being considered. For example; field birds such as the harrier, great yellow wagtail and the yellow bunting, amphibians such as pond frog and hay frog and mammals such as the hare, otter and polecat.

If you have any questions about this initiative, please contact Sjoerd Sloterdijk. We will also post the updates on this website.

Project Specifications