Project status


Solar Park Veendam – From polluted land to a sustainable energy development


Astronergy/ Chint Solar officially inaugurates a new 15.5 MW solar park in the municipality of Veendam, Province of Groningen, Netherlands. The project, which was the largest solar PV project connected in 2017 in the Netherlands, was acquired end of 2016 from a local developer and was brought to a successful completion and connection in December 2017 by Chint. The polluted land that was found unsuitable for agricultural use found in solar a new purpose.

Solar Park Veendam

Solar Park Veendam is our first finished Dutch project. Chint Solar/Astronergy’s engagement began with the acquisition of the development at a mid-development stage in December 2016. From that moment on, together we actively cooperated with the municipality of Veendam, the province of Groningen and other local organizations. The park naturally meets all laws and legal requirements.

During the first half of 2017, all technical and financial preparations were completed. The undeveloped contaminated soil was unsuitable for agricultural use and has found a new purpose in solar energy.

The solar park was built by the specialized company Golbeck Solar. They started on September 4th, 2017. Construction was proceeding at an impressive pace to assemble all 57.288 solar panels and to connect with the Enexis Veendam station on the other side of the channel of the project site by December 29th. Energy supplier Eneco offers residents in the course of 2018 the opportunity to profit from the proceeds.

Project Specifications

15,5 MW
Solar panels:
15 ha
CO2 compensation:
240 kiloton
In operation:
December 29, 2017


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